terms & conduct policy

Participants in our programs – trips, internships, residential semester programs and gap year experiences – must agree to our code of conduct as stated below.  Any violation of this agreement may result in the participant’s immediate removal from the program.  The participant will be sent home at their (or their parent’s) own expense, without refund.


  1. Participate.  Participants are required to be a part of the program for the duration of the experience.  Some experiences will have optional excursions or varied activities for participants to engage in, however deviating from the available options without appropriate approval from a faculty or staff member is viewed as grounds for dismissal.
  2. Partner.  Participants agree to join a new community when they join an Impact experience.  It is crucial that participants treat that community with respect.  Respect includes respecting people and their property.  Additionally, members of a community look out for one another.  Participants are expected to practice the buddy system, and care for one another throughout the experience.
  3. Think. Participants are expected to behave responsibly, exercising good judgment and caution when developing friendships and connections beyond the Impact team.  Participants must exercise personal judgment when engaging culturally appropriate practices that may conflict with cultural practices in their home country. Participants will be required to make choices within the guidelines of their host country and their own practical wisdom.  Our goal in any experience is to serve and lead well through cultural immersion and experiential education.  Illegal and excessive behavior is unacceptable.


Additional guidelines may apply to specific trips, and will be outlined in our initial contact after registration.  In all things we aim for freedom with responsibility remembering our goal to learn through leading, serving, and experiencing.