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what can you expect from our adventures?


It’s not just a field trip, right? You need an intentional program that really draws out the dynamics of the team – that highlights challenges facing the group, and individuals. We design our programs to provide participants with plenty of opportunity to practice solving problems, building community, and processing their decision-making together. We leverage our in-house curriculum focused on “leadership through challenge” to push participants toward fresh insights. Through collaboration, students surface and digest incredible leadership lessons.


It all begins with adventure – a chance to ignite passions, surface fears, and shift perspectives. We have learned that adventure helps individuals develop confidence and self-awareness and groups to practice courage and compassion. Our experiences engage participants in real situations – with real challenge and real responsibility. Our adventure moments serve as anchors within the larger experiences – the rush of adrenaline, the euphoria of overcoming a challenge that seemed impossible – and these anchors foster ongoing personal and social growth. 


Lessons experienced through intentional challenge do not speak for themselves. They need to be unpacked by participants – talked about, processed, informally and formally throughout the trip. There is no clear learning cycle, so processing is often messy – occurring before, during, and after a challenge. Participants are challenged to process together and individually, through casual conversation, group deliberation, and personal reflections. These opportunities create space for participants to verbally wrestle with their conceptions of leadership. Practical wisdom invites us to do the right thing in the right way at the right time. Processing invites participants to evaluate and grow their practical wisdom.


We believe great leaders but be rooted in strong communities. Through coaching and conversation our experiences cultivate strong notions of team, friendship, and mentorship. Participants rely on one another to accomplish goals. They are given space to share their lives with each other, and they are invited to learn from leaders further down the road. Our experiences lay a foundation for ongoing intentional team development, so participants return home with deeper bonds and significant shared experience.


become the crew, learn to lead together

ready to take the helm?

facilitated adventures

Chase a new horizon sailing the Caribbean. Upon arrival to Nassau you become the crew of the 64’ Sundancer. Participants quickly learn that leadership needs team. Our floating classroom challenges your team to wrestle through group dynamics while inviting them to identify and develop their own leadership skills. Bonded as crew-mates, and impacted by the opportunity to serve those in need, participants sail home changed.  

Participants learn what it takes to sail to these waters and develop the skills necessary to lead the crew. Whether on deck, by boot, or by flipper, our exploration of this diverse land swells with adventure. Participants hike, spelunk, swim, snorkel, and sail their way through a myriad of new experiences. Through these challenges, your team will practice and process what leadership looks like out on the open seas. 

We pull back the curtain so your team experiences the real Bahamas – away from cruise ships and staged beach communities. We partner with development oriented non-profits to expose students to Bahamian culture and the challenges it faces.  Specifically, participants explore the advantages and challenges facing a tourism driven economy. As they wrestle through both the challenges of sailing and the cultural challenges facing Bahamians, participants process what it is to be a leader who serves.

*This experience typically lasts 9 days. Each adventure is limited to 18 participants.



step into history, embrace a culture

ready to embrace, taste, & tango?

As the US sanctions in Cuba relax, the country is experiencing a huge increase in tourism. We firmly believe now is a fantastic time to explore Cuba – to see the island in its current form, engage the culture, and connect with the people.

More than that, there are incredible opportunities to serve the people of Cuba.

Your team will stay in Casa Particulars (the Cuban B&B) staffed with traditional Cuban chefs. Each day will be packed with adventure as we explore Havana, Matanzas, and Varadero. Amidst the adventure your team will learn about and serve the Cuban people. Participants will spend time at a traditional “clean food” farm, orphanages, and houses for outcast children with significant disabilities.

Participants will learn much about Cuba’s social and economic contexts – exploring old Havana (including some of Ernest Hemingway’s old stomping grounds), discussing history and politics with a University professor in Matanzas, learning to dance salsa, and discovering several protected parks including a bird sanctuary.

Cuba invites your team to visit with an open mind, a willingness to expect the unexpected, and above all an adventurous spirit!

*This experience typically lasts 6 days. 

Song, food,
Song, food, & stories with Santa Barbara’s homeless community.


learn to surf, learn to overcome

ready to paddle out?

We allow participants to be refined by pushing through challenge and building relationships. Helen Keller said, “the world is full of suffering, but it is also full of overcoming.” Your team will face this reality head on as they “dive in” to surfing and serving in Santa Barbara.

In a jam-packed experience, participants surf, bike, hike, and canyoneer their way around the American Riviera facing challenge after challenge. Exhausted, participants find themselves facing a new of challenge –  learning to listen – central leading. 

In partnership with several local non-profits, participants are invited to listen well as they connect with and serve the local homeless community.  As adventure meets service, your team will begin to identify connections between the challenges they are overcoming and the difficulties faced by their homeless friends. We know that great leaders overcome challenge with vision, compassion, & hope. Participants discover this too – at the intersection of service and adventure they encounter valuable lessons about courage, resilience, and hope.

*This experience typically lasts 4 days. 

Song, food,
Song, food, & stories with Santa Barbara’s homeless community.